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Aabroo e Millat Baseline Education and Mentoring (AMBLEM) System has been articulated by members of former PakTurk Education Foundation. It’s an integrated effort by a dedicated group of educationists and intellectuals working for integration, revival, modernization and capacity building that will eventually lead to nation building. The word AMBLEM is not merely an acronym rather a synonym, it is synonymous in reflecting the organizational mission designed to transform new generation as Emblems of Pakistan. AMBLEM while symbolizing the ideological strength in its philosophy as well methodology, prepares the future leaders to be the ambassadors of humanity.

Our Vision

AMBLEM School System envisions to establish a chain of role model schools integrating role model teachers capable to transform the students as role model future leaders accomplished to lead the society for a purposeful, peaceful and prosperous life .

Our Mission

To inspire, enable and empower students through value based modern education and training to achieve intellectual, social and economic excellence in step with the global partners to represent the Nation as Emblems of Pakistan with strong ambassadorship and leadership traits.

Our Philosophy:

Purpose of Life:

Core mission of AMBLEM School System is to develop a sense of purpose of life and passion amongst the students to embark on a `Clear Path to Success` (in the life here as well hereafter). This passion is articulated and emulated through an integral Guidance Department having role model teachers and mentors who inspire students to lead their lives in accordance with Uswa-e-Hassna. Life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has been declared as the ‘Best Life Pattern’ in the Noble Quran. So the Emblems of AMBLEM System are being transformed as Ambassadors for Revival of Uswa-e-Hassna in all aspects of life for individual as well as collective intellectual, economic and social development.

Divinity & Modernity:

Emblems are given the most modern integrated education & training in the light of the vision given by Hakeem-ul-Umat Allama Iqbal (AR), Real human success is attributed to the spiritual, intellectual and scientific knowledge and practical efficacy. The true satisfaction comes through continuous struggle but it can neither be claimed as a right nor snatched through unfair might.

Unity, Faith & Discipline:

AMBLEMS students are being nurtured as Emblems of Pakistan with the strength of Unity, Faith & Discipline, in light of the teachings of Quaid –e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The students are trained on a progressive grooming path with clarity of purpose and solidarity of brotherhood. Most of the citizens are not familiar with the history and meanings of National Emblem and the National Anthem, so each word & each symbol of these national identities and prides of Pakistan is translated and co related as part of practical life of every student through continuous teaching and mentor ship.

Charity & Brotherhood:

A unique aspect of Emblems of AMBLEM is the element of charity. Every student of primary school and above gets training on charity and social works through revival of the ‘Spirit of Mowakhat’(Brotherhood) right from the childhood. Charity works include the provision of scholarship to deserving students and spending a portion of their prize money in charity and social works comprise as teaching and mentoring other students, recycling and selling of products,. This aspect of ‘being at a giving end’ strengthens their inner self to be contented in life and curbs the trends of jealousy, rivalry and competitive race.

Identity & Ideology:

Teachers and parents work together in harmony and synchronization with a firm belief in hope, identity and ideology. Ethics and values are given top priority and are inculcated in a subtle charming way through moral stories, play-lets, demonstrations etc. Obedience is the essence of AMBLEM School System, which includes obedience of Allah, The Last Messenger (PBUH), parents, teachers and righteous people in the light of teachings of Quran.

Self Actualization:

Value based teaching & learning homes on to self-realization and self-actualization linked with self-assessment, mutual assessment and encouragement through parents & teachers. AMBLEM system has developed a special value based curriculum for guidance & character building of the students.

Concept Development:

Emblems are motivated to acquire knowledge rather than achieving excellence in grades only, without the true essence of education and its practical application . AMBLEM System ensures that Emblems are given real concept and they do rise to the excellence of grades, without losing their balance of personality. Shining students as well struggling students are given separate coaching but all the students are discouraged to join private tuition centres so that they don’t loose hard earned money of their parents.


Character Building , Quranic Education, STEM Education, Guidance & Counselling, Edutainment & Sports.

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