Exact dates of admission are notified through the national media, brochures, flyers and SMS. Application is to be made on the prescribed form, available in the School Office and is to be submitted on or by the last date notified by the Admission Committee, along with the following documents/enclosures:

  • 4 recent passport size photographs
  • Admission Form (available at the school office)
  • Original School Leaving certificate from the last school attended
  • Copy of CNIC of the father + mother / guardian of pupil
  • Attested photocopy of Birth Certificate / Form B
  • Progress or Report card from the last school

School fees and other charges are to be paid every month in advance through a local bank. This is payable for all twelve calendar months. The school has the discretion to review and increase the school fee, and all other fees, charges and deposits ancillary thereto, without prior written notice.

The following payments are payable at the time of Admission:

  1. Registration Fee non-refundable (Rs.2000/-)
  2. Admission Fee non-refundable (Rs.10,000/-)
  3. Security Fee refundable (Rs.10000/-)
  4. Tuition Fee payable (12 Months)( Tuition Fee is subject to review annually)
  5. Annual Charges (Rs.10,000/-)
  • Fee Slips are issued to all students by the school’s accounts office in the last week of every month.
  • The school dues are required to be paid through the bank indicated by the school.
  • The school dues must be cleared latest in 07 days after the invoice is issued by the school office.
  • A late fee / surcharge amounting to Rs – 350/- will have to be levied in case of non payment of fee 7 days after the due date.

The school concessions will be given in the following conditions:

  • Siblings
    – First full
    – Second 10% discount on tuition fee
    – Third onward 15% discount on tuition fee
  • Educationist
    – If one of the parents is an educationist , Rs. 1000/- will be waived from tuition fee.
  • Hafiz e Quran
    – If the student is Hafiz e Quran, Rs. 1500/- will be waived from his/her tuition fee.

Dear Parents,

Given below are the details of students’ Uniform description. The uniforms can be purchased from Five Brothers Stationary and Uniform Shop (located in front of the school).  All the students are requested to strictly follow the dress code.




Polo Shirts Grey / Orange
 Trouser Black with Orange Strips
Jacket/upper Grey with Orange Strips
Socks Black
Primary and Middle


Polo Shirt Grey /Orange
Pent Dark Grey
Jacket/upper Grey with Orange Strips
Socks Black
Primary (Girls) Blouse Sand/flaxen colour
Tunic Off-White
Shalwar White
Sash White
Sweater Maroon
Socks White
Middle (Girls) Shirt Sand/flaxen colour
Shalwar White
Dupatta White
Stoller White
Sweater Maroon
Socks White


General Items

School Shoes (Plain) Black
High-necks/ inner Black
Woolen Caps Grey
Hair Accessories White
Wrist watches Plain


Checklist for students before coming to school:

  • My dress is neat and ironed.
  • My shoes are polished.
  • I am wearing a mask.
  • My hair are combed, trimmed, washed, and maintained/ tied up neatly.
  • My nails are trimmed properly.
  • I am not wearing a smart/ fancy wrist watch, jewelry item, or nail polish etc.
  • If parents wish to withdraw their child from the school, one month’s notice in writing must be given to the school. One month’s fees must be paid to the school in lieu of such notice. No notice is required, however, if a student is withdrawn one month after the final examination. Notwithstanding the above, a student shall be considered withdrawn from the school if:
  • (a) They have not attended the school for a period of one month, unless arrangements for such absence have been agreed to by the Head of that school.
  • (b) Their fees have remained unpaid for two consecutive months.
  • (c) They have been asked to withdraw from the school due to disciplinary reasons. In the event of such a withdrawal, the school shall not be required to give any notice before enforcing its decision, which shall be at the absolute and sole discretion of the school.
  • In the cases above, outstanding fees shall be adjusted against the security deposit paid to the school.
    A student shall be considered enrolled in the school until they have completed their normal education, taken their final public examination (Matriculation), and settled all their dues with the school. They will only be considered withdrawn from the school after outstanding fees/other dues (if any), payable up to the last month during which they appear for their last public examination paper, are fully settled. Failing that, the outstanding amount shall be adjusted against the security deposit and the balance, if any, shall be recoverable from the parent.