Revival of Uswa e Hasanah (RUH)

To revitalize strength of origin, values and hope by implementing the spirit of Uswa e Hasana and the Divine Message of The Last Messenger PBUH in all aspects of life for peace and prosperity of mankind.

Revival of Allama Iqbal's Hikmat (RAH)

To inspire,encourage and enable an individual to act as a catalyst for positive change to safeguard the collective honor and national identity as dreamed by Hakeem ul Umat.

Revival of Values

To inculcate the spirit of love, affinity, harmony and brotherhood (Muwakhat) through value based curriculum for building a sustainable golden generation of Pakistan.

Our Curriculum

Our core academic curriculum follows the National Curriculum of Pakistan and meets the International Standards specifically designed according to the 21st Century skills.

Understanding Quran

TPI (Total Physical Interaction) is the most effective way of understanding Quran and Salah. We have introduced this course to encourage students to recite as well as interact with Quran by learning the fundamentals of Arabic Grammar.

STEM Education

An International Certified STEM program is a challenging experience for all the students which encourages inquisitive, analytical and innovative approach towards knowledge and its practical efficacy.

Idea Club

Idea Club is raised under associated mentors and social setups . Innovative idea are polished , mentored and funded through a sponsorship scheme under a joint ownership to encourage the talented students to be creative.

Foreign Languages

Students get opportunity to learn and explore English, Chinese , Arabic and Persian Language which is the doorway to wisdom. It gives them a new life with every new language they speak and can transform the cultural and lingual dynamics of the world.

Sports Club

School provides a splendid environment fully equipped with upgraded indoor & outdoor sports facilities under the supervision of qualified trainers.The activities include Karate, table-tennis, badminton, basketball and kick-boxing.

Guidance & Counselling

Guidance and Counselling staff work in collaboration with class and subject teachers who monitor students’ academic and psycho-social development to provide them with one-on-one consultation.

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Aabroo e Millat is an emerging education system initiated by the former directors and management of PakTurk Education Foundation with an aim of creating ambassadors of humanity. It encompasses a complete range of intellectual, spiritual and educational activities sparking the creative thinking of youth.