Aabroo e Millat Baseline Education & Mentoring System uses value based modern teaching methodologies and educational technologies to edutain young learners (aged 6-13) to become global citizens to serve the humanity. AMBLEM System while building a strong educational foundation focuses on personality grooming and mentoring to inculcate leadership traits for individual as well collective image building leading to nation building. Self discipline, self satisfaction, self respect and self actualization remain the prides of our Emblems.

AMBLEM places great importance on subject teaching with project based practical efficacy. Students are groomed in a creative and innovative environment encouraging them to build concepts and perceptions. As students learn about each subject, they not only learn new concepts, but they also learn how to learn. Students learn to develop and polish skills that can then serve them through a lifetime learning and development. Through an interactive and collaborative learning environment, their attitudes and aptitudes are explored, developed and polished, which provide the basis of their further subject studies and identification of career paths. AMBLEM is mindful of the role of the primary teacher in building bridges and developing life skills. Aptitude educational counselling and bifurcation will be the beauty of the AMBLEM’S Educational Endeavors.

AMBLEM System pivots around students with strong bondage and continuous mentoring by guidance teachers, class teachers and subject teachers so that students do not loose direction. Guidance activities are focused on character building as well academic grooming. Activities like book reading is given top priority, it is a daily routine, in the first 15 minutes at the start of each school day habit of general book reading is inculcated. It helps students to realize the benefits of book-reading and developing taste for literature, creative thinking, vocabulary building and methodical expression.
The extra curricular and co curricular activities, through different clubs, primarily act as catalyst in personality grooming process; Robotics/STEM Club help students in the field of science and technology, Humanity Club develops creativity through literature, art, music, creative thinking and writing, debates etc, Sports Club takes care of their physical and mental health.


Character Building , Quranic Education, STEM Education, Guidance & Counselling, Edutainment & Sports.

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