Education has three basic roles for the society: protective, transformative, & constructive.
Values are the dreams and ideals that are wished to be realized.
As we believe in values and the teaching of values to the masses; therefore, our Guidance Department is initiating efforts for the development of these values in our young generation in the light of Uswah e Hassana blended with the the spirit of Hikmat e Iqbal.
Value education improves the quality of life not only on the individual level but also on the societal, national, and international level thus ensuring better prospects for a bright future of a nation. Societies which desire to realize their dreams strive for educating a virtuous generation.
Virtues such as kindness, humility, courage, veracity, sincerity, patience and diligence are desired by every society. Value education is about equipping generation with these virtues.

Influence of Guidance Teachers:

  •  Though the day of Emblems starts from home yet the love & influence of their guidance teachers is so strong that the student always feel their presence and warmth every time & everywhere, therefore they act according to their teachers’ guidance even in their absence, under a mechanism of self-discipline.
  • Parents and teachers work hand in glove in developing their habits and personality traits. The joint assessment diaries and guidance books for initial 7 years of education and mentoring at AMBLEM play a vital role in personality development and character building of the students. This joint effort also help in the process of parenting as well guidance.
  • Emblems are trained to start their day with a smiling face greeting their parents, grandparents and other family members. Gratitude and obedience of ALLAH is the hall mark of their lives as it brings satisfaction to their hearts. The importance of Fajar Prayers and getting up early morning even on holidays is focus of the teachings of AMBLEM System. The students are encouraged to develop habit of reading Quran with translation at their homes preferably in the morning. Thereafter, they take healthy breakfast, clean & manage their rooms, recheck their bags & happily move to their school.
  • On weekends and vacations they are encouraged to go out for morning walk in the nearby parks with their parents in order to develop close affinity with the nature. On alternate weekends different groups are formed for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, camping and water sports etc.

Afternoon :

  • After the prayers break, students leave the school in an orderly fashion under the supervision of their guidance teachers and mentors. They are guided again to carry their bags properly with appropriate load. It is ensured that they are received by their parents or authorized persons at the school gate.
  • Emblems are trained to take healthy lunch at home and go for a quick nap may be for 15 minutes to half an hour. After the nap, take a bath especially in summers and have some recreational activities in nearby parks or at home under close supervision of their parents/elders.
  • In the evening they carry out self-study of their own choice. Students are encouraged to develop creative thinking and writing skills. They are also given home work related to their course work. Struggling students who can’t manage their homework at home, they are given special tuition, free of cost, after the break.
  • Students are advised to avoid watching un necessary TV programs, rather guidance teachers identifies what all is to be watched and what all to be avoided.

At Night:

  • After the entire day’s learning, practical application of the knowledge and other family events once they go to their beds they ponder upon their achievements and short falls. They go through their daily guidance dairy and evaluate and compare that day with previous day and plan their next day in the light of Teaching of The Last Messenger PBUH, to the understanding that true Muslim (Momin) always lives in a better tomorrow than his past day. So they compare their achievement, enhance their strengths and eradicate their weaknesses.
  • Listening and narrating stories is one of the preferred activities. Parents are given short story books as well little training to narrate moral & inspirational stories so that the Emblem’s students get into creative thinking and learn the art of storytelling/writing.
  • School also issues a small book of prayer. Children are trained by parents and teachers to recite one prayer every week preferably with translation to have strong connection with The Creator. This also facilitate them in understanding of Arabic and Quran o Hadith.


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