MIDDLE AND HIGH school education is most challenging part, primarily due to integration of students from different schools having diverse cultural environments. MIDDLE AND HIGH school plays a pivotal role in building perceptions of the students to understand the reality of life ahead which is like a deep river and equip them with the art of crossing such rivers of fantasies and quite often fears. Schools are supposed to inspire them to know the real purpose of education thus enabling them to build strong spiritual, intellectual, social and academic bridges following a clear path to success. They need to match their purpose of life with the Purpose of Creation.
On the contrary, ever increasing grade consciousness and status consciousness jeopardize the actual mission of MIDDLE AND HIGH schooling. School environment and culture matters the most at this stage of fragile age building or spoiling a student’s life. Most of students lack sound educational base and personality traits due to make shift schooling so they quickly get influenced negatively. Students at this tender age otherwise face host of challenges including physical developmental issues, emotional transitions and social chaos through social media, TV and cyber bullying etc. Media has quite negatively influenced the middle school and high school students through pomposity and social race thus steering the students away from their identity and ideology. Peer pressure and social status adversely effect the students as well their parents leading them to psychological disorders and even character failings. False standards, blind imitation and brand consciousness is developing a fake society totally oblivious of purpose of life and we all are equally responsible , specially the schools are answerable. Teaching and parenting lack clarity and children falling prey to the false standards are dragging their parents too. Schools are also adding fuel to this volatility. Prevailing conflicting educational and social order leaves very limited choices to the parents, either they exercise strict control and loose the love and mental health of their kith and kin or yield due to overwhelming love for children thus losing their own direction. That’s how the modernity and blind race is drifting away the society from Divinity.
AMBLEM School System and its core team has been articulated in the backdrop of similar challenges to find perfect solutions matching our own inherited values and vision. Our mentoring and parenting system plays a pivotal role in guiding the students to the true purpose and perception of life. Teachers and parents have a definite collaborative role in social capacity building, image building and perception building leading to nation building process. Teachers take the responsibility to nurture the future leaders.
Value based modern education truly anchored with own identity and ideology is the special focus of AMBLEM’S team dealing with MIDDLE AND HIGH school education. Students at such fragile and tender age and stage need to be taught with love, consistent interaction, positive influence and personal efforts beyond call of duty. Intimate care means a lot in personality development and character building through effective parenting and schooling. Guidance teachers, mentors and instructional staff work as a coherent team having matching frequencies consistently pursuing common goals of saving Aabroo e Millat ( Honour of the Nation).

AMBLEM System is affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education as to prepare students for attempting the examinations to obtain Secondary School Certificate (SSC/ Matriculation Level).
Syllabus for the matriculation has been revised by the Federal Board to come up with dynamic nature of the education and educational assessment.
The medium of instruction is English. Textbooks taught in the institution are the same as prescribed by the FBISE.
Performance of students during the year is closely monitored by the teachers through classwork, homework, spot tests, topic end tests and check points.

AMBLEM”S Core team for middle schooling includes dedicated teacher who have the passion to teach this very age group and wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else. The team is specially trained to have superb motivational strength, organizational skills, patience, loving attitude, compassion and above all great sense of humor. The teachers don’t impose unnecessary barriers rather establish adoring elderly and intimate friendly communication system encouraging team work, brotherhood and collective achievements. Students feel independence with in given bounds and have deep sense of identity, ownership and comradeship. They are trained, polished, encouraged and empowered to discuss their problems and try to address their issues in a logical and methodical way using problem solving techniques in such a fashion that Emblems of AMBLEM become competent to even solve community issues. Students actively take part in supportive community programs under the spirit of Mowakhat e Madina. Emblems take part in scholarship schemes for talented and deserving students. MIDDLE  schoolers adopt juniors as their buddies, teach and mentor them with kindness, compassion and care.
Guidance department endeavors polishing and promoting intellectual and social strength of the students. Mentoring prepares the students for a rapidly changing world by instilling in them critical and creative thinking with a view to global perspective .
Revival of core values of Uswa-e-Hassna to nurture Emblems and Ambassadors of peace, prosperity and true success in life here as well eternal life, is the most cherished mission of AMBLEM System. Middle schoolers are building strong bridges in this revival.
AMBLEM System is mindful of the academic excellence of the Emblems and prepares the students with a strong academic base to excel in subsequent milestones of their career. Services of most competent academicians are hired. Students are inspired and groomed as high achievers but without taking unnecessary pressures. They are actually given special attention during primary education to build a strong academic base.
The extra curricular and co curricular activities, through different clubs, primarily act as catalyst in personality grooming process; Robotics/STEM Club help students in the field of science and technology, Humanity Club develops creativity through literature, art, music, creative thinking and writing, debates etc, Sports Club takes care of their physical and mental health. Idea Club and Writers Club involves inculcate creative thinking and matching expression.
In nutshell AMBLEM MIDDLE AND HIGH schooling nurtures Ambassadors of Humanity.


Character Building , Quranic Education, STEM Education, Guidance & Counselling, Edutainment & Sports.

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