Parenting Club is working for revival of family bondage through a concept of raising role model grandparents and parents trusts through students. These trusts are tremendously influential in inculcating pride, values and ethics amongst students as they are the founders of such entities along with their parents. This is the best form of parenting because parents, grandparents, children and teachers are integrated in subtle way to take the ownership of each others along with the society.

Parenting Club is focusing on preservation of identity and ideology with true essence of the ethical revival and revitalization.
A unique aspect of these trusts is the revival of element of charity through children. Every student gets training on charity and social works through the ‘Spirit of Anfaaq , Mowakhat and Brotherhood right from the childhood. Charity works include the provision of scholarship to deserving but talented students. Such ventures are budgeted in a way that more than 50 percent if their expenses are donated by the AMBLEM/ RUH Forum and rest by philanthropists/students. Students are intentionally given cash awards through different competitions so that they are enabled to donate a portion of their prize money and pocket money on account of charity.
Record of the Role Model Grandparents Trusts is kept in school’s visitors gallery. A framed pictorial family tree of the trustees is also present to the donor families on following pattern;