Humans are far superior creation and can do wonders with integration and mutual support.

SUB KA HUB (SKH) is an initiative for bringing quantum social change through sharing and caring. This instrument is designed to bring donors, volunteers & under privileged on one platform. The mechanism creates massive opportunities for success of all (SUB) the stakeholders through a quantum change at one point (HUB) in a seamless, productive and innovative manner.
Incorporate a systematized and objective orientated interaction among donors, volunteers and under privileged communities to triggers and accelerate the process of social change.
Establish ICT based well-defined pathways that facilitate (individuals–communities-organizations) ;

  • Under-privileged to highlight their requirements
  • Volunteers to offer their services
  • Donors to support the cause


  • Sub Ka Hub (SKH) to voluntarily act as social catalyst and operate as a forum and a trust providing a trustworthy , transparent and functional system to support the supporter as well the needy .
  • SKH bridges the gaps amongst the society by establishing linkages and systems of hand holding in such a way that the support process continues with Mentoring and Monitoring ( MM) till a needy becomes a donor to support the society.
  • Ascertaining the authenticity of the requests through a central verification process
  • Establishing a system through permanent employees and volunteers, locating & connecting donors and needy , professionals and potential, talent and sponsors with clear visibility to the donors on progress and performance and transparency of entire process from “need to deed” through a system of audit and accounting.

Scope & Range:

  • All humans beyond affiliations. (In all conceivable ethically acceptable domains without any limitations.)


  • Sponsor a talented and deserving student for basic education, professional education and skill development.
  • Sponsor a talented and deserving teacher for continuing higher education
  • Sponsor talented support staff for further education and up gradation.
  • Financial help in developing institutional setups/ facilities , expansion, operations etc .
  • Help in setting up libraries incl e libraries in different locations to revive culture of reading by donating books , computers, furniture and standby generators etc.
  • Sponsor sports facilities for revival of healthy field games and support.
  • Sponsor organisations like Scouts and Girls Guides for Social and Community Welfare Works
  • Donate for Special Children.
  • Sponsor a campus in the localities of underprivileged society .
  • Help in teaching out of school children and dropouts.
  • Sponsorship for Health Care, develop a health care unit , a lab or any facility or sponsor a needy patients through medicines, paramedics, operations , rehab equipment etc .
  • Sponsorship for community welfare works to help honorable needy people through micro finance, cottage industry, self employment, intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial development , recycling, solid waste management etc

The donors are also assisted for community program of their choice .RUH FORUM:
RUH Forum primarily works on educational charity and hand holding system of families in totality so as to help people in basic sustenance and education in order to create future leaders and curb begging. RUH Forum regulates individual charities and Zakat through a central mechanism for a concentrated social impact through empowerment. All Philanthropy and Zakat is organized under a collective system to have collective image building, capacity building leading to nation building. The process of adopting a family is actually reviving a great Sunnah of Mowakhat-e-Madina. It is done in an organised way and till the family gets stable and do the same for others under the same system of holding, the support, mentoring and monitoring
continues. Sponsorship of education to build talented and motivated teachers and scholars under the concept of Ashab-e-Sufah is one of the sacred cause. Building an honest and talented entrepreneurial leadership is yet another major focus.
RUH Forum is like a mother Forum supporting the community in the field of education, entrepreneurship and social development.