Unique Features of Morning Assembly & Reception

Unique Reception:

    • Students are received at the gate by the principal or vice principal or guidance teachers and mentors.
    • Their bags are specially checked for carrying style, technique and suitability of load. Excessive load & wrong bags carrying techniques results into damaging backbones right in the childhood, therefore students are given excessive training on this aspect.
    • The students move from gate onward in an orderly and soldierly style, keep their bags in marshaling area or classrooms and join the assembly.

Uniqueness of Assembly


    • Assembly provides a total reflection of the overall personality grooming of the students. It is like a platform and a testing lab to explore and polish hidden talent and creativity of the students. It also provides an opportunity to the top management to gauge the out-come of different training programs of different departments and clubs.
    • Assembly is conducted by Guidance Department duly assisted by students of different clubs with multi-dimensional aims and objectives for revival & innovation.

Unique Features of Assembly


        • Selected verses from Qran-e-Azeem are recited individually as well collectedly with Urdu and English translation and explanation . Short quranic messages focus the student on clear path to success through obedience of Allah and practical application of the teaching of the Last Messenger (PBUH).

Revival of Values:

Uswa-e-Hassana provides a reservoir of values & ethics. One of the value from Uswa-e-Hasana is declared as Value of the w Week which is thoroughly explained and related to daily life by the students and Guidance Department. Value like Truthfulness, Obedience, Honesty, Brotherhood, Sacrifice etc are explained and illustrated through speeches, play lets and dramas . Value of the Week is practised to inspire the Weak and humble to draw strength from The Life Pattern of The Last Messenger PBUH and enlighten the entire world as Ambassador of Uswa e Hassana , as taught by Hakeem ul Umat Allama Iqbal AR ,

Revival of Hikmat-e-Iqbal:

Kalam-e-Iqbal is a gateway to Quran-o-Hadees, its true essence is required to be revived, so a poem is selected as a poem of the week and it is recited and explained in the assembly by different students on daily basis . The core message of the poem is repeated in all the lectures by Urdu and English teachers before start of the period for 3 to 4 minutes with different practical aspects.

Reiteration of Pledge:

Pakistan was made under a pledge to unite the Ummah & serve the humanity for peace & prosperity. This pledge is revived & reiterated through understanding of National Emblem and National Anthem . Each word of National Anthem and each symbol of National Emblem is given special emphasis in the morning assembly.


Creative idea club promotes creative thinking among students . Different ideas are discussed in the class rooms and one idea is picked up, to be presented in the assembly on weekly basis . One good idea is further picked up and sponsored for practical transformation every month.

Creative Writing and Verbal Expression:

Urdu and English departments along with Creative Idea Club and Creative Writers Club guide the students to develop good writing skills and habit of writing articles for school magazine and newspapers. One selected creative article is expressed in a public speaking style as well in a group discussion manner, in the morning assembly.

Scientific Research:

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math’s (STEM) Club supports students for innovation in the STEM field. Once in a week or on forthrightly basis, a small, project in displayed in the assembly by the students with an aim to compete the international world in the field of research and
innovation .

Moral Stories:

Student are encouraged and trained by Story Club to develop stories with good morals on values and social norms.  One selected story is narrated in the assembly every week Story books are included in co curricular training Parents ,teachers and senior students are trained to develop and narrate such stories so as to promote creative thinking and creative writing.